5 Reasons Your Business May Fail with Bad Hosting

We have given the shared hosting industry a hard time here. The reality is they’re in the business of making money without thinking about you, the customer. Read why using a cheap shared hosting is bad for your business.

There are many kinds of hosting available, including shared hosting and Virtual Private Server Hosting (VPS). They come with a different price and specifications. However, continuing to use cheap shared hosting is bad for your business, and in this article, we’re going to show you why that is the case. By the time you have read some of these reasons, you’ll realise that an alternative, like VPS hosting or well managed shared hosting, is a superior way to host your website.

The biggest lie ever – Unlimited Hosting

Generally, the term “Unlimited Hosting” refers to the web hosting offers that provide unlimited disk storage, data transfer, as well as addon domain name capacity. In a way, unlimited hosting providers are actually offering the freedom to host as many websites as you can at an affordable price (normally below £8/mo)! Okay, I know. This sounds awesome at first. But wait, not so fast. Don’t just scrap that expensive shared or VPS hosting plan from your to-do list yet.

Wake up, people. In reality, unlimited hosting is, always, limited. Nothing is unlimited in this world. Unlimited shared hosting plans are the biggest fraud in all of hosting. There’s no such thing as unlimited because every server has limits. You can’t expect to save money on a shared hosting plan and get unlimited space, especially when you’re paying these incredibly low prices.

You Don’t Matter

These companies make no money from you as an individual. You pay a few pounds a month for the privilege of staying on this server. They make money through having plenty of customers. If one person causes them problems, such as through harassing their customer service lines or going over their limits, they’ll remove you without warning. Do you want to work in a scheme where you don’t matter? Look for an Alternative. Other types of hosting, such as VPS hosting, requires a bigger investment from you, but there are fewer people. You matter more as an individual. They’re more willing to work with you. In addition, that can be invaluable when you suffer from an inevitable bout of server/technical problems.

Overcrowded Servers

Cheap shared hosting providers (and lately general shared hosting providers) make money from renting out a single server to as many people as possible. The reality is most accounts will never go anywhere near their imposed limits. That’s good for them and bad for consumers because it has led to a culture of overselling. This overselling culture means servers are essentially slums. As many people are packed in as possible. It means you won’t get the amount of space or bandwidth offered without serious performance problems. Yes, it’s shady and it’s unfair, but this is now common industry practice. Therefore, any serious business should avoid shared hosting.

Out of Your Control

On a VPS hosting server, you get the benefit of having your own space. You don’t have to worry about anyone else. This is not the case with shared hosting. Shared hosting is an issue because whenever you need extra resources, such as to deal with a traffic spike, they aren’t there. All the resources of a server are shared equally between the websites on that server. Overshoot your limits and your site will collapse. Complete lack of flexibility.

Another issue is if there’s a problem with other person websites on the same shared server you are. Support could take the whole server down to solve one person’s problem. That means you lose uptime because of someone and something completely out of your control. No successful business can operate with that sort of risk above their heads.


Presumably, you have ambitions of running a successful company. You want thousands of people to visit your website each day. This can’t happen without the appropriate infrastructure in place. Forget about this if you’re using a shared hosting service. The vast majority of websites on a shared hosting service aren’t businesses. They’re individuals who’re looking for a cheap way to host a blog only a few people are ever going to read. There’s zero capacity for growth.

Sites that gradually begin to get popular are going to outgrow shared hosting within a few weeks. It doesn’t take much before it starts to impact performance. Search engines like Google can remove sites from its search rankings if they don’t meet certain quality standards. In other words, shared hosting can kill your momentum as quickly as you can gain it. It’s always best to start with the right infrastructure so you don’t have to worry about timing a switch when you begin to grow later on.

Shared hosting providers limit:

  • CPU Time – it’s important element to run smoothly all processes on your website;
  • Memory – second important resource. More memory = website can run better;
  • Disk Speed – even if shared hosting use SSD it doesn’t mean they are not limited in terms of transfers per second. Bigger limit = faster website access, faster uploading or faster backup;
  • Broadband – we love fast Internet same as our websites. Slow internet connection to server = slow website access time and transfer
  • Support – crazy but true. Support is not always 24h…

Don’t kill the messenger

You may have noticed that we have given the shared hosting industry a hard time here. The reality is they’re in the business of making money without thinking about you, the customer. Websites on these servers have little traffic and you’ll get quite a nasty shock at how quickly you will reach your limits. Even if you’re on a tight budget, it’s best to invest more in hosting now. By having in place the infrastructure of success early on, you can concentrate on the business of making your site into a traffic-garnering powerhouse!

The worst thing is that very often you won’t even know that you’ve reached your limits. You might say “OK, but I am happy in overall with my shared hosting for £8 a month”… but what if some of your website visitors see this:

Server Error HTTP 503

More likely they won’t come back later… Your potential client might go away thanks to your crap hosting

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