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Are you struggling with your current website?

  • Overwhelmed by search engine optimisation and your website is not showing in Google
  • Tired of dealing with website maintenance or management is frustrating you
  • Struggling to find right WordPress theme or your current design works against your image?
  • Website seems confusing and outdated and you don’t know how to fix it to put it back on track
  • Don’t receive customer enquiries and you ask yourself does the website works

Let me help you

While many might dabble in various digital arenas, I’ve honed in on what I truly excel at: website design with proper search engine optimisation. This focus ensures mastery and results.

What makes me different from other web design and web development agency?

At the heart of every passion-driven business is a story waiting to be told. I believe that you should focus on what you love – whether it’s running your business, captivating your ideal clients, or pursuing your true calling.

Your digital presence should effortlessly convey your passion and purpose without you having to sweat the tech details. With a blend of my diverse experiences, I’ve honed a unique approach, especially for photographers.

I handle the digital realm and you do what you were truly made to do.

This is how can I help you and your business online

I believe every business, especially those in the wedding industry where I’ve spent many years, deserves a standout online spot. It’s more than just a website; it’s a digital home that truly reflects your brand and mission. Skip the usual agency runaround. With me, it’s direct, simple, and efficient. I’m your go-to contact, ensuring our work together is smooth and on point. My focus? Delivering real value, not just ticking boxes.

Whether you’re launching a new venture or looking to spruce up an existing website, I’ve got your back. From startups to small businesses, and especially for those in the wedding industry, I’m here to help you make your mark online.

WordPress Webdesign

Do you need a well-done WordPress website? I can help you create a custom WordPress website that meets your needs and reflects your brand and provides an exceptional user experience

WordPress Expert

I am available if you need advice or your WordPress website causes you frustration. I provide guidance, answers and support for every WordPress issue. You can hire me for your event as a speaker. I cover variety of topics about WordPress, marketing, SEO. All includes real-life examples and case studies.

WordPress SEO

Search Engine Optimisation is the extremely important process of getting more visitors/potential clients to your website. I can help your website to be visible for phrases consumers actually search for

WordPress Maintenance

Proper website maintenance is crucial in order to keep up with the latest technologies. By entrusting me with your website, you can rest assured that your online presence will always be current, effective, and in line with the latest trends and technologies.

Why Me?

I believe in creating websites that truly matter. It’s not about adding another feather to my cap or a new design to my portfolio. It’s about the genuine impact my work can have on your business or organisation.

Over 10 years empowering Solopreneurs to expand their business online with WordPress

I’m here to bridge the gap between your business aspirations and your online image. In a sea of competitors, I’ll make sure you’re the beacon. Not only will you look top-notch, but you’ll also turn those website visits into solid sales. Dreaming big can be daunting, especially online. But don’t sweat it; I’m here to back you up. For all your design needs, just know I’ve got your six.

I’m Tom and my journey is a quite the rollercoaster! I rocked the corporate world with big names like Coca-Cola, Danone, Kofola and Tchibo.

Then, the UK called and my passion for photography led me to a decade-long adventure, capturing weddings across the globe. At some point of my photography career for own purposes I took a step in WordPress industry – websites, seo, e-commerce, hosting. After a while it become my second successful business. In 2019 I completely quit photography and focused on web design and WordPress. This took over my career.

Today, I’ve woven these experiences together, combining insights from sales, marketing, photography, and web design. The result? A specialised service tailored for photographers.

Your website is your online playground; being found on Google is like having the most fun slides and swings

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Welcome to a space where creativity and insight collide, presenting a collection of my latest and greatest blog posts! Whether you’re seeking tips on WordPress, web design, SEO, or marketing, or just looking for a spark of inspiration, you’ve landed in the right place.

Optimising File Names for Web: A Guide for Wedding Photographers

Optimising File Names for Web: A Guide for Wedding Photographers

Dive into the art of file naming with our guide, ‘Optimising File Names for Web Success’. Tailored for wedding photographers, this article unravels the secrets to boosting your online presence through smart, SEO-friendly file naming. Discover tips, examples, and best practices to transform your digital files from chaotic to captivating. Join us in mastering this essential skill for standout online galleries

By working with me, you will join good company

As you already know I believe every business, big or small, has a unique story and untapped potential in the online world. It’s not just about having a website; it’s about making a genuine connection with your audience and achieving those ambitious goals. Through my years of experience, I’ve partnered with businesses like yours. I dive deep into understanding their core values and bring them to life digitally. With tailored web design, SEO, and marketing strategies, I’ve empowered businesses to not just be online, but to truly shine. Together, we’ll craft a strategy that enhances your online presence and aligns seamlessly with your business aspirations. Ready to take the leap?

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