What’s up, friends! It’s me, Tom Robak, the guy behind all the fun and games at tomrobak.com. So, let’s get real for a sec about some behind-the-scenes stuff – disclosures!

So, here’s the deal. I drop links to cool products or services I vibe with, and if you click and buy, I might get a little something-something as a thank you – a small commission. It’s no extra cost to you, and I only shout out stuff I genuinely dig and think you will too!

📚 Amazon Associate:

Oh, and I’m part of the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. It’s this cool thing where I can earn fees by linking to Amazon. So, if you grab something from Amazon through my link, I get a little high five in the form of commission.

🎈 Advertisements:

You’ll spot some ads around here too! I’ve got some pals in different companies, and if you snag something through these links, I get a bit of commission. But, pinky promise, my opinions are all mine, and any moolah I get doesn’t sway my recommendations.

🎉 My Promise to You:

I’m all about sharing the good vibes, the know-how, and the top-notch recommendations. I’m on a mission to give you the real deal – accurate, reliable, and super helpful info. I’m all about honesty and keeping it real, and I’ll always let you know the score with any products or companies I’m vibing with.

🙌 Your Support:

Your support is the bee’s knees! It helps me keep doing my thing and bringing you all the cool content you love. If you find my stuff helpful and decide to support me by using my affiliate links, you’re a rockstar, and I’m sending you a massive virtual hug! 🤗

Remember, I’m here to sprinkle a bit of fun and knowledge in your life, and I’m super thankful for your trust and support. If you’re curious about this disclosure or anything else, hit me up!

Catch you later,
Tom Robak

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