Thank you! I quit wedding photography

I truly love wedding photography, and I think I am good at taking photos however in 2020 I photographed my last wedding couple. There are a few factors that influenced my decision to stop photographing weddings and it’s not Covid-19 because I made that decision earlier.

When I started my business, I was determined to be the best. Pure passion allowed me to run a successful photography business. The decision to step away from wedding photography is truly one of the most challenging decisions I have ever made. Being a wedding photographer has been one of the greatest joys of my life. I’ve witnessed lots of beautiful moments, and I’ve felt grateful for being able to capture them for couples. It’s clear to me what I’m giving up – a great income (people always get married and nearly always have planned to pay a significant amount for their wedding day), a predictable cash-flow (pre-wedding commitment really does help with planning when you’ll be getting money in) & happy people in pretty places (if it weren’t for the weddings I’ve photographed, probably I would never have visited some of the places I’ve photographed at).

After about eight years in the wedding industry, one of the biggest photography conferences in Europe, Way up North, where I was a speaker, left me feeling like my entire world changed. First of all, after my speech and hundred of thankful messages regarding it, I realised there are photography communities that need support and education. Secondly, I want to push to try something new, to see what happens. Something is driving me to explore new territory, to leave the safety of the income and the comfort zone, to stretch myself into areas unknown. I evolve again.

That’s being said, my photography adventure is not over, I will continue to specialise in documenting family life moments because I get enormous joy and fulfilment taking pictures for people. I will continue educating fellow photographers on my blog and workshops because seeing them becoming successful is a fantastic feeling. And of course, I will keep evolving Not as Usual and Kreatywni community and services for photographers to help their marketing and business. On top of that, I help to host photographers website at WordPress Hosting

From the sincerest part of myself, I thank each and every bridal couple who I’ve met. You made my time as a wedding photographer exciting, fun and adventurous. Love to you all and cheers to new adventures.

Tom x

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