New Chapter in Polish Politics: Drama, Change, and Hope!

From PiS's tumultuous reign to the anticipation surrounding Tusk and Hołownia's entrance, witness the transformation of the Sejm into a gripping drama series, where every session is a must-watch episode filled with suspense and intrigue

I’m usually not the one spreading political gossip. But the latest episode in the Polish political saga? It’s just too spicy to keep to myself!

PiS Takes a Bow

PiS (Prawo i Sprawiedliwość), our previous headliners, have left the building after an 8-year run that was… well, let’s say, eventful! But hey, to my friends who voted for PiS, no finger-pointing here. Their manipulation game was like a grand magic show – so cunning, so crafty. It’s the outgoing team that should be in the hot seat, not the voters. You guys were just part of the audience, after all.

Prime Minister (Mateusz Morawiecki) and PiS time in power was like a never-ending soap opera where scandals were the main characters. They had a knack for making headlines – and not always the good kind! They turned us into a nation of eyebrow-raisers and professional head-shakers. Their special talents included sparking neighbourhood debates, brewing a strong cup of rivalry, and, oh boy, stirring the pot of hostility like master chefs. It was like watching a drama series, but we were all unwilling extras in it.

Scandal Marathon: PiS Edition

And those PiS scandals – it was like a scandal marathon! One controversy chased another, and we, the average Joes and Janes (or as we say in Poland Janusze i Grazyny), were left scratching our heads, trying to keep up. It felt like we were only seeing the tip of an iceberg of misdeeds, with who knows what lurking beneath the surface.

As soon as we find out the truth, future history books about “The PiS Era” will be a wild read for future generations!

A Fresh Polish Plot

But now, there’s a new crew in town, and everyone’s hoping they’ll bring some much-needed sunshine to Poland. People are ready to wave goodbye to the grey clouds. So Mr Donald Tusk, welcome back in the game as Poland’s new Prime Minister!

On top of that Szymon Hołownia, our brand-new Speaker of the Sejm, has turned parliamentary sessions into the hottest show in Poland! Seriously, hundreds of thousands of Poles are now hooked, waiting on the edge of their seats for the next episode.

And what’s this must-see TV show? None other than the latest sitting of the Sejm! Every session is like a new episode, filled with suspense, drama, and maybe a few laughs. It’s like tuning in for your favourite series – you just can’t wait to see what happens next. Will there be a plot twist? A cliffhanger? Everyone’s glued to their screens, eagerly anticipating the next instalment of ‘The Adventures of the Polish Parliament.’ Popcorn, anyone? 🍿😄📺🎬

Wrapping Up: A Glimmer of Hope for Entrepreneurs

Why did I write all of the above? It’s somewhat a light-hearted yet earnest venting of frustration towards PiS, mixed with hope that the new government will herald a more favourable era for entrepreneurs. Since the pandemic, I’ve watched as friends have been forced to shut down their businesses, grappling with high taxes, soaring fees, escalating costs, and relentless inflation.

Under PiS, there was a constant refrain that entrepreneurs were supposedly walking on a path strewn with roses. Yet, in a twist of irony, those roses seemed to bristle with thorns.

As a small business owner myself, the journey hasn’t been easy. I’m hanging in there, but it’s been a challenge without tangible support and empathy from PiS. It’s felt less like a thrilling rollercoaster and more like a relentless uphill climb.

Now, with a new government stepping in, there’s a flicker of hope. I’m cautiously optimistic that significant changes are on the horizon. Changes that could potentially breathe new life into small and medium enterprises, who are in dire need of genuine support and a stable environment for growth. I await with bated breath to see how this new administration will influence our economy and day-to-day living. Maybe, just maybe, we’re about to witness a political narrative where each chapter concludes with a ray of hope for the hardworking entrepreneur. Here’s to hoping! 🍿📈🤝

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