Every Day is a Deal: Rethinking Black Friday

Black Friday is coming. Cyber Monday is three days later. I won’t be having a sale on either day. Not this year. Not next year.

Hey there, lovely people of the digital realm!

It’s me, checking in from… well, wherever my laptop and I happen to be! Today kicked off with the chirp of my 5am alarm, and I hit the ground running – diving into some photographer’s brand new website that’s about to take its first online breath and tackling a mountain of emails and messages.

Speaking of messages, I stumbled upon a recurring theme: Black Friday deals. It got me thinking – in the spirit of euHost, why wait for a once-a-year sale? We’re all about offering you great value every single day, no need to mark your calendars!

So, I decided to share our ‘everyday fair pricing’ philosophy in a blog post. It’s a bit of a different take on the Black Friday craze. What’s your take on it? Are you the deal-hunting type, or do you prefer the steady promise of everyday value? Let’s turn this into a fun chat!

Here’s to making every day feel like Black Friday, minus the rush and the queues, of course!

In the whirlwind of Black Friday questions, let’s set the record straight: it’s not just euHost waving goodbye to the discount mayhem. This applies to all my services – be it web design wizardry, wisdom-packed consultations, or WordPress rescue missions. You see, my prices are like a cozy old sweater – fair, comfy, and no fancy frills. Despite inflation doing its best rocket impression and electricity bills thinking they’re on the moon, my rates haven’t played catch-up. They’re staying put, right here on Earth, offering you year-round value without the need for a sale season!

Cheers from wherever in the world I am today,

Tom Robak
Tom Robak

Tom Robak is a digital expert with over a decade of experience, specialising in WordPress, SEO, e-commerce, and optimising web performance. His unique skill set, rooted in sales, marketing, and photography, establishes him as a leading creator of customised online solutions.

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