Where Are WordPress Pages Stored?

When you’re navigating through your WordPress site, have you ever wondered where all your pages are actually stored? It’s a common question and understanding the answer can help you manage your site more effectively.

WordPress pages, along with posts and other types of content, are stored in a MySQL database on your web hosting server. This database is a structured collection of your site’s data, including pages, posts, comments, and users. When a visitor accesses a page on your website, WordPress retrieves the corresponding information from the database and displays it on the screen.

The actual content of your pages, such as text and links, is stored in the ‘wp_posts’ table of the database, with a post_type value of ‘page’. However, you usually don’t interact with the database directly. Instead, you create, edit, and manage your pages through the WordPress admin dashboard, which provides a user-friendly interface to interact with the data stored in the database.

Understanding this structure is crucial, especially when troubleshooting, migrating, or backing up your site, as it allows you to pinpoint where the actual content resides and how it is retrieved and displayed. It’s like knowing where the books are stored in a vast library, making it easier to locate and manage the information you need!

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