Kadence vs. Gutenberg: A Clarification

It’s essential to clarify that comparing Kadence and Gutenberg is like comparing apples to oranges. Gutenberg is a content editor based on a block system, while Kadence is a WordPress theme. They serve different purposes in the WordPress ecosystem.

  • Gutenberg: It’s the editor where you create and manage content using blocks. It’s not a theme, but a way to build and interact with content within WordPress.
  • Kadence: It’s a theme, a collection of templates and styles used to define the appearance and display of a WordPress powered website. Kadence can offer additional stylings and settings for the blocks you add with Gutenberg, but it doesn’t replace Gutenberg.

In essence, Gutenberg and themes like Kadence work hand-in-hand. Gutenberg provides the means to create and manage content, while Kadence dictates how that content is displayed to the user, offering additional styling options and features to enhance the overall design of your website. There isn’t a “difference” between them in the sense that one could replace the other; instead, they complement each other to provide a holistic WordPress experience.

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