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Ah shit. I’ve been waiting for this app for so long. Now it’s a game changer to my future blog posts. Here is the thing. It’s called Narrative. Small and fast app to create storytelling blog posts. Ideal for photographers, especially wedding photographers. If you too lazy to read scroll down to the bottom and watch this app in action on my video.

Long story short. In past when I wanted to create a nice looking blog post on my wedding photography website I was using Photoshop. Totally lame, I know! To prepare a blog post with 60 images it took me approx 60-90 minutes. Complete waste of time. Connecting horizontal images with vertical images, or two portraits etc. Nightmare and pain. After some time I decided to abandon that idea and I was publishing only horizontal images on my blog posts. Simply because I hate browsing the website and not seeing portrait image on my screen in full. Yeah, seriously check your website. It looks like crap if you are not able to fit portrait image on a screen in full. Scrolling that one image is pointless as the wow effect disappears.

But again last year I wanted to show portrait mode images… temporary solution was easy. I simply limited my blog post width to 780px so no matter what monitor my clients use they could see whole portrait image at once. Until few weeks ago. Just normal day, browsing Internet and boom. Narrative app. I’ve installed a trial. Created first post with drag n drop images and …. wow… that was what something superb. App that is a must have for photographers if they do blog posts!

Walkthrough the Narrative app

First of all get your copy of this app here. You can choose between annual and monthly subscription. I don’t want to sound like a seller but Pro Plan gives you freedom and flexibility + the most important option to me – exporting in JPG! In annual plan it will cost you only $15 per month billed annually and you can prepare as many posts as you want – no limits at all.

narrative prices

After you install Narrative app open it. You will see a simple and clean window with a button “Create new blog”. To start playing with this app go ahead and click it!

narartive start

I mentioned this app is super easy so you shouldn’t have any problems with using that. Next window is again pretty straight forward. You need to set a name for your new blog. Next set a padding. Here is a note on a margin. Padding is a blank space between images. For pixel perfect website make sure this padding will be the same like on your post between images (up & down).

narrative new blog

Default background colour is white (#FFFFFF) so if your website is using a background colour make sure you set the same hex colour in Narrative App. Last step here is to Select Folder with your images and click Create Blog. App is damn fast. So it will import your set of images in seconds.

narrative new blog create

Main window is nicely divided. On the left sidebar you have all images imported to your project. In the middle area you will see how your blog post will look like. That’s the place where you drag n drop images to. Section on the right is for SEO freaks to set Meta Description or Focus Keyword or to change padding and background colour if you didn’t set that correctly in previous screen. There is also a publish button and export. We will get to this one shortly.

narrative main window

Now it’s time to release your creative thinking. You can design your blog post here. Simply drag n drop first image from the left sidebar to the blank space in the middle of this app. By doing that you will have one image in a row. To add another one grab an image from left sidebar and drag into the middle section. Wait for the blue bar. It will appear on the top/left/right/bottom. Depend where you want to place second image.

Proceed with the rest of images you want to place in your new blog post. When you finish you can publish straight to your WordPress or export as JPG. If you publish to WordPress images will be hosted on Narrative servers and you will be given a HTML code to paste into your blog post.


I personally prefer to keep my images on my server locally so Export JPG is my choice. So I simply select Export. Use the width for exported images same like your blog post width or make it double for sharper images (if you don’t know how to check your blog width join FB group and watch the videos. I explained everything there). Of course set export location and you ready to Export Layout.

Exported images require two things. They will be in correct order but you need to rename files to something good for SEO. Second thing – use JPG Mini and reduce the size. That’s it. In less than 10 minutes images are ready to upload to your new blog post in awesome storytelling layout.


This is a 5-star app. Purchasing a plan you will have also a support. App receives a regular updates and new possibilities are being added. Upcoming update will allow you to control export jpg quality which is an option I am waiting for. Go ahead and try yourself. Here is my promo link: Narrative App. If you love it and have found what you were looking for please share this post in your social media and photography groups. I am 100% sure it will help other photographers to build new blog posts in awesome layout.

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