What’s next for Flothemes users? A lifeline to keep WordPress and improve SEO

Flothemes user looking for the next step? Explore ways to stick with WordPress and enhance your SEO! Unpack insights, tips, and a sprinkle of humor here!

Hey Visionaries!

If you’ve been caught in the Flothemes whirlwind, I feel your confusion and concern. It’s a tough spot, but hey, I’m here to lend a hand and sprinkle some clarity on the situation! With a background in crafting top-notch, SEO-friendly websites, I’m all set to guide you through the maze!

Understanding the Concern

The digital air is buzzing with reactions to Flothemes’ announcement. Flothemes’ sudden shift has left many of you scrambling to figure out the next steps, and I see a flurry of advice flying around from photographers and pseudo-professionals about what Flothemes users should do next. It seems like everyone’s throwing in their two cents, suggesting solutions left and right. It’s almost like a battle now – where to go, what to do next…

But here’s the catch – some of these solutions seem to be pulled out of thin air! It’s a tricky situation, and it’s crucial to tread carefully before making any moves. My main piece of advice? Stick with WordPress. It’s reliable, it’s versatile, and it’s going to be your best bet in maintaining and elevating your online presence amidst all this chaos. I’m here and I will try to help you at my best to navigate through this and ensure your creative journey continues unhindered.

Pixieset and job done?

Flothemes is actively advocating for a transfer to Pixieset, stating:

“Do I have to transfer to Pixieset? This is up to you to decide… As a Flothemes client, you are eligible to receive your first year of Pixieset Website subscription for free, as well as assistance from our team with creating your site.”


While the choice is indeed in the users’ hands, I find myself in disagreement with this recommendation. Pixieset may not offer the same level of flexibility and freedom that WordPress does. The potential damage to SEO is not a temporary hiccup as suggested by Flothemes; it could be a perpetual setback! John Mueller, a reputable voice from Google in SEO, has emphasized the impact of changing page layouts on search results, stating:

“Changing the layout of your pages can affect your search results. And it can be a good thing, it can be a bad thing.”

John Mueller

Given this, it’s plausible to anticipate significant shifts in Google search results. And I’m putting it out there—you can quote me on this later—because the current discourse seems to be overlooking this crucial aspect, focusing predominantly on design. So, it’s your call whether to migrate to Pixieset or explore other platforms like ShowIt, Squarespace, Wix, ReadyMag, etc. But remember, the ramifications on your SEO could be long-lasting and detrimental! Keep your eyes wide open and consider the broader implications before making a leap.

Not transfering to Pixieset?

Here’s where the fun begins! I’m rolling out a FREE tutorial exclusively for the fabulous community of Flothemes users! The mission? To arm you with the know-how to DIY your way through WordPress, leveraging the stylish Blocksy theme and some handy blocks by Stackable or GreenShift. It’s your free ticket to regaining control and giving your SEO a kick!

Hassle-Free Solutions

For those who prefer a smooth, worry-free transition, I’ve got your back with three tailor-made offers! Whether you’re looking for a quick fix, a professional choice, or something custom-made, there’s something for everyone. It’s all about keeping your online presence as dazzling as your work, with a sprinkle of SEO magic! You can read about these paid options in my article Flothemes Users it’s Not a Game Over.

Lighten the mood a bit

I get it, the Flothemes news was a shocker, and it feels like a scramble. It’s messy and emotions are high. But hey, the future is still bright! Let’s lighten the mood a bit, share some jokes, and have a few laughs. We’re resilient, and we’ll get through this, one chuckle at a time!

“Flothemes is leaving WordPress? Guess they couldn’t handle the block party!”

“Flothemes exiting WordPress is like a bad SEO strategy – nobody saw it coming and everyone’s lost!”

“Flothemes clients are so peeved, they’re about to give a whole new meaning to ‘Drop the Theme’!”

“Flothemes’ announcement hit harder than realizing you’ve been shooting in JPEG instead of RAW all day!”

“Flothemes’ website is like a magic trick gone wrong—now you see it, now you don’t… literally!”

“Flothemes and Pixieset are like a duet no one asked for!”

Alright, folks! I’ve had mine share of chuckles, now it’s your turn! Drop your best Flothemes zingers, jokes, or light-hearted comments below. Let’s share a laugh, shake off the tension, and spread some positive vibes. Keep it fun, keep it respectful, and let’s see who’s got the best one-liners out there!”

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Tom Robak
Tom Robak

Tom Robak is a digital expert with over a decade of experience, specialising in WordPress, SEO, e-commerce, and optimising web performance. His unique skill set, rooted in sales, marketing, and photography, establishes him as a leading creator of customised online solutions.

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