Flothemes Game Over. Ready for a New Digital Adventure?

Flothemes just announced - this is a game over. What to do if you don't want to migrate your website to Pixieset? Keep your WordPress, I will help you to get the most of it.

In a surprising twist, Flothemes, a beloved favorite among many photographers, has announced its departure from the WordPress stage. Joining forces with Pixieset, they’re charting a new course, leaving behind a legacy (and a sea of bewildered fans). As the curtains fall on this chapter, many are left in the lurch, pondering, “What now for our websites?”

Ok, for some people that wasn’t a surprise 😈

Hey Flothemers,
We have some important news to share with @everyone of you. As most of you know, in 2021, Flothemes was acquired by Pixieset — the leading platform for photographers to deliver photos and videos, build a website and manage their business. Since then, the Flothemes team has brought many beautiful themes and features into Pixieset Website, including the Flex Editor.
Pixieset’s mission is to build simple, beautiful and easy-to-use tools for photographers and creatives. Its product offering has been ever expanding since its inception 10 years ago. We are excited to be part of that innovation and look forward to serving photographers and creatives on the Pixieset platform. It is bitter sweet that we have decided to bid farewell to WordPress and no longer release new updates for Flothemes products.

As the news broke, the digital realm witnessed an immediate storm. The comments section under Flothemes’ announcement became a hotbed of emotions, with users voicing their frustrations and concerns every passing minute. From long-time loyalists feeling betrayed to new users expressing regret over recent purchases, the wave of disappointment was palpable. The community, once united in their admiration for Flothemes, now finds itself in a whirlwind of uncertainty and discontent. As the group of disheartened users grows, it’s clear that this decision has left a significant mark on many.

What’s Next? Navigating the Post-Flothemes Landscape

Flothemes’ unexpected “game over” announcement might’ve felt like a plot twist, but it’s far from the apocalypse. Sure, you could hop onto the Pixieset bandwagon and maybe, just maybe, find your happy place there. But diving into Pixieset isn’t on my radar right now. I’ve seen a mix of reviews, and I’m not ready to wade into those waters just yet.

The silver lining? Your current Flothemes site isn’t going anywhere soon. And with winter around the corner, once you’ve wrapped up editing and delivered those stunning shots to your clients, you’ll have a cozy chunk of time. Time to either dive into the world of DIY web design (and possibly bid adieu to your holiday plans) or to let pros like me handle the heavy lifting. But, a word of advice? Steer clear of those one-size-fits-all themes. They might seem tempting, but they’re often a one-way ticket back to square one.

If you’re leaning towards the DIY route and have a knack for quick learning or are already buddies with the WordPress Gutenberg editor, more power to you! But, from my chats with DIY enthusiasts, a few common hurdles often pop up:

  • Lack of Technical Knowledge: The fear of getting lost in tech-speak or accidentally breaking something is real.
  • Design Inexperience: Without a design background, there’s anxiety about crafting a site that truly stands out and resonates with visitors.
  • Time Commitment: DIY can be a marathon, not a sprint. The worry? Spending hours and still not nailing it.
  • Functionality Limitations: Without coding chops, there’s concern about missing out on cool site features.
  • SEO Missteps: The dread of building a beautiful site that search engines can’t find.
  • Mobile Optimisation: Crafting a site that looks dashing on mobile? Easier said than done.
  • Costly Mistakes: DIY might seem budget-friendly, but slip-ups can rack up unexpected costs.
  • Security Concerns: In the wild web, ensuring your site is Fort Knox can be daunting.

Flothemes Game Over Is Not The World’s End

For those who’ve crossed paths with me, you’ll know I’ve dedicated countless hours assisting Flothemes users. From refining designs, ensuring smooth maintenance, to boosting SEO, I’ve been there. Heck, I even had a stint collaborating directly with Flothemes on their FloSeo service. But beyond that, I’ve poured my heart into crafting custom websites, revamping designs, and even migrating Flothemes into Gutenberg for that WordPress magic and enhanced SEO.

Now, here’s the golden ticket: I’m offering a third way. Let me dive into your website, and I’ll meticulously recreate it on WordPress Gutenberg, capturing its essence. The cherry on top? No more update headaches – it’s all automated. With my expertise, you’re not just in safe hands; you’re in hands that care. And once we’ve crafted your digital masterpiece, we’ll sit down for a personalized training session. No generic videos, just you and me, ensuring you’re confident in managing your site. Imagine having a website that ticks all your boxes, and guess what? This could be it!

But here’s the catch: with the recent Flothemes announcement, there’s a surge of users seeking refuge. To ensure quality, I’m capping my slots. It’s all about giving each project the love and attention it deserves. Ready to embark on this journey? I’m opening my calendar from mid-October. And remember, it’s a first-come, first-served world out there. Let’s create magic together!

The All-Inclusive Resort For Your Website

While I pride myself on crafting WordPress websites that truly deliver, I won’t be hopping onto every request that comes my way from the Flothemes community. My mission? To provide you with a custom-built website, mirroring the essence of your current Flothemes design, but supercharged with top-tier search engine optimization. This isn’t just another website; it’s a premium, all-encompassing experience.

Reviving Your Flothemes: What’s the Price Tag?

The cost of recreating your site hinges on the intricacies of your current website and your specific needs. It’s also influenced by the hours I pour into ensuring everything is just perfect for you. A redesign isn’t just a facelift; it’s an opportunity to enhance features, refine elements, and elevate the entire user experience. To streamline the process and give you clarity, I’ve distilled my services into three distinct offers.

Offer 1: The Quick Fix

For a cool £880, you get the digital equivalent of a spa day for your website. I’ll whisk your site away to a zippy LiteSpeed hosting, bid adieu to your Flothemes, and introduce it to some snazzy Gutenberg custom blocks crafted just for you. This package covers 5 pages (like Home, About, Services, Info, Contact). And yes, a blog’s thrown into the mix because, well, WordPress loves to blog! Before we dive in, we’ll have a video chat to make sure we’re vibing on the same wavelength about your site and brand aspirations. And to wrap it all up? A live, one-on-one training session. Oh, and did I mention a year’s worth of hosting? It’s like the all-you-can-eat buffet of web services. Dive into the FAQ for the nitty-gritty.

Offer 2: The Pro’s Choice

Got a bit more to showcase or thinking of selling online? This one’s for you. It’s a tad more intricate, and for £1200, you get the works. We’re talking up to 12 unique pages (think Home, About, Services, Shop, Custom Posts & Advanced Custom Fields, Info, Contact, and those sneaky hidden price lists). And, of course, the trusty blog feature is part of the deal. We’ll kick things off with a video chat to ensure we’re in sync, and once all’s done and dusted, we’ll have a live training session. Hosting for a year? You bet. It’s the all-inclusive resort experience for your website. More deets in the FAQ.

Offer 3: Tailored Just for You

Some things just can’t be boxed into a package. If you’ve got unique needs or grand visions, hit me up with the contact form below. Let’s chat, and I’ll whip up a custom quote that fits like a glove.

Setting the Record Straight: Here to Help, Not Hustle

It might seem like I’m swooping in like a cheeky seagull trying to snatch up some chips. But here’s the thing: I’ve been crafting websites day in, day out, way before this Flothemes hiccup. My aim? To help folks like you navigate the digital waves with ease. Sure, there’s a price tag, but think of it as paying for a trusty lifeboat rather than a leaky inflatable dinghy. I’m here to help, not to capitalize on a tricky situation. Let’s sail smoothly together! 🚤🌊

A Special Nod to Flothemes Fans! 🎁

For those feeling adrift after the announcement, I’ve got a lifeline. The first 10 who decide to collaborate and pick Offer 2 will enjoy a special treatment. But hurry – these spots are as sought-after as a golden hour photoshoot!

Ready to Begin?

If you’re itching to start or just want to chat about the latest camera gear (I’m always game!), drop me a line. Let’s turn that web worry into web wonder!

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Do it yourself!

There is also another option. You can DIY. I’ve prepared a step by step guide for Flothemes users

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Tom Robak

Tom Robak is a digital expert with over a decade of experience, specialising in WordPress, SEO, e-commerce, and optimising web performance. His unique skill set, rooted in sales, marketing, and photography, establishes him as a leading creator of customised online solutions.

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