Why isn’t my WordPress site sending emails? Fix it with MailerSend

Struggling with WordPress not sending emails? Discover common issues and a foolproof solution to ensure 100% email delivery using PostSMTP and MailerSend!

Email is a critical component of any WordPress site, whether it’s for sending password resets, order confirmations, or user notifications. If you find yourself constantly checking your inbox and wondering, “Why isn’t my WordPress site sending emails?” you’re not alone, and more importantly, there are solutions.

When WordPress is not sending emails, it can lead to several consequences that can adversely affect both the user experience and the website’s functionality. Here are some of the consequences:

  1. Lost Communication:
    • Users may miss important updates, notifications, or information from the website, leading to a breakdown in communication between the website owner and the users.
  2. Missed Opportunities:
    • If users don’t receive emails for inquiries, quotes, or contact forms, it could result in lost business opportunities and revenue for website owners.
  3. User Frustration:
    • Users may become frustrated or confused when they don’t receive expected emails, such as registration confirmations or password reset emails, potentially leading to a loss of trust in the website.
  4. Decreased User Engagement:
    • Without receiving newsletters, updates, or promotional emails, users may not engage with the website as frequently, impacting traffic and user interaction levels.
  5. Impaired User Management:
    • Administrators may struggle to manage user accounts effectively, as they may not receive notifications about new user registrations, comments, or other administrative activities.
  6. Damaged Reputation:
    • Consistent email delivery issues can harm a website’s reputation, as users may perceive it as unreliable or unprofessional.
  7. Security Risks:
    • Users unable to receive password reset or account verification emails may face security risks, and it could potentially expose the website to vulnerabilities.

Potential Problems

Several factors can hinder WordPress from sending emails. The most common ones include:

  1. Server Issues:
    • Problem: Many WordPress hosting servers are not configured to use the PHP mail() function, which is essential for sending emails.
    • Recommendation: Contact your hosting provider to inquire about their email sending configurations or consider switching to a euHost that supports WordPress email functionalities.
  2. Email Provider Filters:
    • Problem: Some email providers may filter WordPress emails as spam, causing them to be blocked or land in the junk folder.
    • Recommendation: Regularly check and clean your spam/junk folder. Add your email address to your contacts to avoid emails being marked as spam. Use SMTP plugins to improve email deliverability.
  3. Plugin Conflicts:
    • Problem: Occasionally, a plugin may conflict with the email function, preventing emails from being sent.
    • Recommendation: Deactivate plugins one by one to identify the conflicting plugin. Once identified, seek an alternative plugin or contact the plugin developer for a solution.
  4. Incorrect Email Settings:
    • Problem: Improper configuration of email settings can lead to email delivery issues.
    • Recommendation: Review and correct the email settings on your WordPress site. Ensure that the email address configured in WordPress is valid and able to send/receive emails.
  5. PHP Version:
    • Problem: An outdated PHP version can cause compatibility issues, affecting email functionalities.
    • Recommendation: Update to the latest PHP version supported by your WordPress version and plugins. Consult with your hosting provider for assistance with updating PHP.
  6. DNS Issues:
    • Problem: Incorrect DNS settings can impact the deliverability of emails.
    • Recommendation: Verify your domain’s DNS settings, especially the MX records, to ensure they are correctly pointing to your email provider.
  7. Theme Conflicts:
    • Problem: Sometimes, the active theme may conflict with WordPress email functions.
    • Recommendation: Switch to a default WordPress theme temporarily to see if the issue persists. If resolved, contact the theme developer for support or consider using a different theme.
  8. Limited Email Quota:
    • Problem: Some hosting providers may impose limits on the number of emails sent per hour/day.
    • Recommendation: Check with your hosting provider about any email sending limits and consider upgrading your plan or optimizing email sending to stay within limits.

By addressing these potential problems and implementing the recommended solutions, you can significantly improve the email deliverability of your WordPress site, ensuring smooth and effective communication with your users.

Best Solution: PostSMTP with MailerSend

To overcome these email delivery obstacles, I recommend using the PostSMTP plugin in combination with MailerSend, a reliable Transactional Email and SMS Service. This combination ensures that your WordPress emails land straight in the inbox, eliminating the risk of missing important enquiries and losing business.

MailerSend is not only user-friendly and easy to configure but also offers a free or very affordable pricing structure, making it an ideal choice for WordPress users seeking reliability and value. The assurance of 100% email delivery to the inbox with MailerSend means peace of mind and more time to focus on what truly matters—growing your business.

I’m betting you’re gonna fall head over heels for the MailerSend email solution for WordPress—it’s a total game-changer! If you’ve got questions, shout-outs, or just wanna spread some love and thanks, drop a fun comment below the article!

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Tom Robak
Tom Robak

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